The PéBé


“Private Bathroom”

Over the past few years, people have attached increasingly more importance to their privacy.

Private sanitary facilities are therefore very much on the rise at camping sites.

People are also willing to pay a little extra for this.

Moreover, in the wake of the recent CORONA crises, public toilets and showers now pose a risk as well, whereby private sanitation is absolutely a solution – or even a necessity.

Unfortunately, this virus may remain a threat for some time to come, so investing in safe private sanitary facilities is a good idea!

Your camping site can then simply always stay open, and by offering a private bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower, washbasin and toilet, your campsite guests not only get to enjoy a sense of safety, but also a pleasurable level of luxury. The PéBé, “Private Bathroom” also looks nice, with an appealing round design rather than a rectangular block and can come in many different colours.

You can choose your own colours.

What the PéBé has to offer:

– a playful appearance, attractive and distinctive shape

– colours and colour schemes according to your preferences, plenty of options, we make it according to your choices.

– The PéBé is made entirely of glass fibre-reinforced polyester, which is optimally resistant to moisture, this material is very durable and has a long service life

– thanks to this choice of material, round shapes are possible without any (dirty) corners so that optimal hygiene and ease of cleaning are assured.

– the industrial production process uses molds to ensure that the price remains very affordable

– ventilation is good owing to the space between the roof and walls

– water drains off properly via a sloping floor which faces a drain

– the floor is not slippery and has an anti-slip surface

– due to the circular shape, there are few corners, therefore it is easy to clean everything thoroughly

Another possibility is to place the PéBé’s together in a cluster of 10 units, for example.

A customer rents the key per day or week and then has exclusive use of their own PB.

The PB can be placed near a tent or hut, so you don’t have to walk far, and you have your own sanitary facilities close at hand.

The PéBé can be installed on a floor out of grass or sand  ! no concrete foundation necessary!

The basic PB:

The basic version of the PéBé offers the following specifications:

– has a plastic washbasin with a mixer tap for hot and cold water

– has an electric toilet with a grinder pump system that can be connected to a standard Ø 50 mm water outlet, or you can opt for a standard toilet that is connected to the sewerage system

– has a spacious walk-in shower with shower fitting.

– is connected to a water outlet via a Ø 50 mm connection point

– requires a 12″ external water supply

– requires a 220 Volt 10A power supply

– has a door that can be locked

– is easy to install and move anywhere on sandy or grassy ground

– you can install and assemble it yourself, but you can also let JOEF do this for you

– It also has 3 hooks to hang things on, a mirror, an electrical socket next to the washbasin and a toilet roll holder

– is equipped with a panel with an “inspection hatch” for easy access to the connections.

PéBé dimension upper-view

PéBé dimension site-view

the interieur

the washbasin

the toilet

the shower


Colours and colour schemes

PB “economy”

The PB “economy” is a model with a much reduced price but still very attractive and with all the advantages of Polyester ressin and choices for colour and the long Life-Time

Colours and colour schemes