JOEF BV is specialized in designing, producing and installing CANAL PLAY, kiddie pools and toys for swimming pools.

In addition, JOEF provides design and decoration, by theme if desired, for swimming pool areas.

JOEF started in 2010 with the new CANAL PLAY by designer Albert Trimp.

This was a follow-up to his earlier company, AQUA DROLICS, which he founded in 1988.

Albert Trimp, together with his partner Richard van Dijk, grew AQUA DROLICS into a leading company for kiddie pools and water toys, with sales in more than 50 countries.

Time for something new!

CANAL PLAY was the reason for starting a new company in 2010.

It is not a kiddie pool like we are accustomed to seeing, but a kidding pool with extra possibilities for play. The combination of one or more harbours (a kind of kiddie pool) with a network of canals results in endless possibilities for fun.

Children can sail through the canals with a boat, like you would do in Venetia, passing under bridges, through a tunnel, or into a cave. On islands and next to the CANAL PLAY, there are all kinds of toys and extensive possibilities for climbing, scaling and sliding.

CANAL PLAY is appealing for playful children, but also very decorative in a swimming pool or on campgrounds, and becomes an oasis for adults.

Sole e vista

Proposal ?

We are happy to prepare a proposal for you for a CANAL PLAY and/or kiddie pool, in line with your preferences and available space.

We are happy to come by to review the current situation, but if you send photos and a plan of the area with dimensions, we can also use that to create a beautiful 3D presentation of the possibilities ;  please contact: You can also download our brochure.