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JOEF BV specializes in design, production and installation of CANAL PLAY with associated playground equipment with water. In addition, JOEF carries out assignments in the field of decoration and theming of pools and camping sites. Since, 2010 , JOEF BV has been the newly launched company of designer Albert Trimp. A follow-up of his former company AQUA DROLICS . He established AQUA DROLICS in 1988, and together with Richard van Dijk, turned it into a flourishing company that supplies toddler pools and water playground equipment in over 50 countries.

The designs of Albert Trimp are well known after 25 years operating in the leisure world with the typical bright colored style and later also the Bamboo style. Nowadays the products  are copied very often  in several countries but  we can see that as a big compliment.

On the photo’s  two examples of AQUA DROLICS products designed by Albert Trimp from JOEF. For more products and designs look at :, products to be proud of.


Then 2010: Time to start something new.

With JOEF we have now developed now a complete new style and product: CANAL PLAY. This CANAL PLAY is an entirely different product than current toddler pools with playground equipment and offers new possibilities for an entirely different way of playing with water. An extra play-dimension is that children can use transporters to travel through a canal system. With all the play equipment around the pleasure of playing is much increased . The looks of CANAL PLAY is a mix of “attractive” for children and “decorative” for adults.

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We are happy to make you a proposal free of obligation, including quotation for a Canal Play project or in the field of theming or decoration of your pool. If you want more information, please contact: You can also download our brochure.