Canal Play is a network of channels, in which children can run around and play with water. In the canals, one can run, swim or sail with boats or other floating objects. In and around the channels, playground equipment has been installed. Between the channels, islands are situated that the children can use to climb on, while being sprayed by water jets which they can manipulate themselves. De design of a Canal Play is created in consultation with the customer. The channel network is built with modular channel elements, allowing for many channel shapes, from small to large.


Joef  BV specializes in design, production and installation of CANAL PLAY with associated playground equipment with water. In addition, JOEF carries out assignments in the field of decoration and theming of pools and camping sites. Since, 2009 , JOEF BV has been the newly launched company of designer Albert Trimp. A follow-up of his former company AQUA DROLICS.