Canal Play


CANAL PLAY is something new! A classic kiddie pool, but with many more possibilities.

CANAL PLAY is a ‘network’ of canals in which children can move and play with water. The canals have splits and intersections and connect with a ‘harbour’, a larger water area, and between the canals there are islands the children can climb onto or reach via a bridge.

In and around the canals, on the islands and in the harbour, there are all kinds of toys to discover.

Children can sail through the canals with a boat or other foam toy, and they can run, swim, climb and scramble through the canals and on the islands to reach and play with the many features.

There is a wide range of water-spraying features to choose from.

The CANAL PLAY design is created in consultation with the customer.

With modular canal elements, the design can range from small to large, with many versions and shapes.

The Canal Play consists of the following building elements:

Modular system

1. Channel straight piece

2. Channel 45° bend

3. Channel 90° bend

4. Chanel T-junction

5. Channel Intersection

Design examples:

CANAL PLAY  projects:

Big choice of  toys.

There is an extensive package of toys that can be added. For example:

– a bridge with a tumbling bucket

– a water shooter with pedal controls

– various animal figures with water sprayers and controls or a hand pump

– slides with climbing and scaling options

– a cave with a waterfall and LED lighting

– a ship or a shipwreck with slide and other attractions

– a lighthouse

– a slide island

– LED lighting in toys and in the water

– controls for waterspout effects.

We are happy to create you a 3D presentation of a Canal Play project, tuned to your preferences and desires.   The water depth of the channel is 30 cm.In the harbour it is possible to create an area with other waterdepth Via water inlets and overflows,  skimmers or overflow gutter all around, , good water circulation is obtained, the same way it is obtained in swimming pools. A filter system with automatic chlorine and pH dosing can also be included.

  CANAL PLAY is approved and certificated by TüV Netherlands.

CANAL PLAY-   themes.

CANAL PLAY can be made in different colour schemes.

We always make a customized product in consultation with you.

We can also add your logo, or work with a certain theme. Examples of possible themes:

–  Zoo

–  Ice and snow

–  Desert

–  Apenrots

–  Ocean depths

–  Birds

–  Exotic

–  Underwater

–  Pirates

–  Your own suggestion…

CANAL PLAY is inspected and certified by the TüV.

CANAL PLAY is designed according to the relevant European norms and meets the requirements for (water) toys and swimming pools.

The most important norms are EN 1069, EN 1176 and EN 13541.

Canal Play on YouTube

Canal Play -toddler pool

Technical information

In France JOEF was represented by GRANDS STADES ( until 2015)  and CANAL PLAY was called: DEDALO KIDS. DEDALO comes from Deadalus. In greek mythology Deadalus was an architect who made the first labyrint.