The PéBé. New product for camping sites.

Everybody his own BATHROOM!

With walk-in shower-toilet- washbin.

Over the past few years, people have attached increasingly more importance to their privacy.

Private sanitary facilities are therefore very much on the rise at camping sites.

People are also willing to pay a little extra for this.

Moreover, in the wake of the recent CORONA crises, public toilets and showers now pose a risk as well, whereby private sanitation is absolutely a solution – or even a necessity.

Unfortunately, this virus may remain a threat for some time to come, so investing in safe private sanitary facilities is a good idea!

Many options colours and colour schemes

Your camping site can then simply always stay open, and by offering a private bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower, washbasin and toilet, your campsite guests not only get to enjoy a sense of safety, but also a pleasurable level of luxury. The PéBé, “Private Bathroom” also looks nice, with an appealing round design rather than a rectangular block and can come in many different colours.

You can choose your own colours.

Many additional and made-to-measure options