CANAL PLAY  is something new! A classic kiddie pool, but with many more possibilities.

CANAL PLAY is a ‘network’ of canals in which children can move and play with water. The canals have splits and intersections and connect with a ‘harbour’, a larger water area, and between the canals there are islands the children can climb onto or reach via a bridge.

In and around the canals, on the islands and in the harbour, there are all kinds of toys to discover.


JOEF  BV is specialized in designing, producing and installing CANAL PLAY, kiddie pools and toys for swimming pools.

In addition, JOEF provides design and decoration, by theme if desired, for swimming pool areas.

JOEF started in 2010 with the new CANAL PLAY by designer Albert Trimp.

This was a follow-up to his earlier company, AQUA DROLICS, which he founded in 1988.